How much does it cost to mold silicone?

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How Much Does It Cost To Mold Silicone?

When we want to make a custom silicone molding products in bluk, especially you are sourcing a supplier in China for your projects, we do want to know how much does it cost to mold silicone products to start.

For all silicone molding products, its cost generated by 6 main aspects:

  1. raw material cost
  2. machinery cost
  3. labour cost
  4. management cost
  5. packing cost
  6. shipment cost

Silicone raw material cost

There are two types of silicone rubber material in the market with different brands, and the raw material cost as follow:

  1. Solicone silicone rubber material price: $0.004 per g to  $0.008 per g.
  2. Liquid silicone rubber material price: $0.008 per g to  $0.012 per g.

Silicone molding machinery cost

The silicone molding and silicone injection molding machinery have variety prices from $15,000 to $50,000, so the silicone molding machinery cost per hour would be variety based on the machinery at the manufacturer’s workshop.

The most common silicone molding machinery cost for solid silicone is $20 per hour, and the most common silicone molding machinery cost for liquid silicone is $40 per hour. So the product unit cost would be affected different molding machinery and the production output per hour.

Silicone molding labour cost

The labour cost is very different from in different countries, here are some examples for reference only:

China: $3.0~$5.0


Management cost

The management cost including quality management, production management, warehousing managment, engineering management etc., 

The management cost is around 7%~10% of prouduct unit cost for small/middle size company, and it is around 15%~20% of product unit cost  for big size company.

Packaging cost

There are mainly 3 types of packing, and its packing cost are:

  1. simple packaging: very tiny packaging cost, maybe only 1 pcs big plastic bag for 100pcs or more product, then pack into a carton box.
  2. gift box: $0.10 to $0.15 per gift box for most of silicone molding products
  3. display packaging: $0.20 or more for each silicone products based on your packaging design.

Shipment cost

The sea freight shipment cost is very cheap per product unit when we purchase in bulk, especially for 20GP or 40GP container shipment.

When we need product urgently or small quantity then we might choose DHL/FEDEX/UPS shipment, that based on the product weight is around $6.00 per kg usually.