How to Print on Silicone Rubber Products

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Can we print on silicone?

Can we print on silicone?

Printing on silicone is not a new concept. It has been in use for years in products like silicone cups, tableware, etc.

Silicone rubber has unique properties that make it great for printing and also can be used as a printing surface. The silicone is soft and doesn’t leave any residue on the surface it’s printed on. It is also non-sticky and can withstand high temperatures. Silicone rubber is an interesting material to print on because of the different qualities it possesses.

How to print on silicone?

How to print on silicone?

Silicone is a famous material that has been used for 3d printing. It is an elastic material that can be molded into any shape. Some products are made by printing on silicone rubber. But what process do you need to print on silicone?

1. 3D printing on silicone products is the process of making three dimensional objects from a digital model with a 3d printer or with an additive manufacturing machine. Silicone rubber has the property of being flexible, elastic, and durable which makes it perfect for this process.

2. Silk-screen printing on silicone rubber is an economical way to print templates for prototypes or small runs of product samples by applying ink through mesh screens onto the surface of the object being printed.

The silicone rubber material is very different from metal or plastic materials, that we need can only choose a silicone-based ink that can stick to silicone rubber products, after use silicone-based ink to 3D printing or silk-screen printing on the silicone rubber products, it requires high temperature curing at oven, hence we won’t have the printing come off after washing it.

It’s simple and easy to printing a logo (text) on silicone rubber products, here you need to follow steps to make it happen:

01. Choose the logo (text) and size, placement on your rubber products that you want to print on.

02. Choose the color (select it from a pantone color swatch or existing color sample on your hand) you want to print.

03. After your offer all these information, and confirm the printing cost, you just need to waiting for less than 1 day, you can see how the silicone rubber products with printing looks like.