How to use invisalign chewies, aligner seaters?

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

how to use invisalign chewies

What are aligner chewies

Invisalign Aligner chewies, also named aligner seaters, the original chewies are small rubber cylinder that you can use it for your clear invisalign aligners for teeth by biting on them to close any air space between your Invisalign aligners and your teeth when you do orthodontic treatment, it usually take 3~5 mins to bite the chewies every time after you wear and set the clear invisalign aligner properly.

What is invisalign chewies, alinger seaters?

Your orthodontic doctors would advise to use aligner chewies for at least 3~5 mins each time and total 15 mins more per day, it is essential and effective treatment to speed up the whole treatment period. You should can get the aligner chewies from your orthodontist, and a manual instruction to guide how to use it and when to use.


invisalign chewies for your clear aligner

Using aligner chewies would have temporary pain or discomfort at the beginning every treatment you get new clear aligner, you can choose a softer aligner chewies “there’s soft/normal/hard hardness chewies in the market” or get OTC medications like acetaminophen to overcome it.  

Talk with your orthodontic doctor if the pain is persistent that might caused by your clear aligner doesn’t fit properly, which need your doctor to re-work on it.

How to use invisalign chewies, aligner seaters

Invisalign chewies exercises help to improve teeth tracking, reduce refinements, and allow your teeth to get to their final position faster and more efficiently. Dr. Melissa Bailey, board certified orthodontist and co-founder of TrayMinder®, shows you how to do these chewing exercises. TrayMinder® is an app that helps busy aligner users to remember to wear their trays so that they can achieve their best possible smile. Download the free TrayMinder® app today to help you get better results from your clear aligner therapy:

Here can tell when you will use invisalign aligner chewies: 

  • you are starting the Orthodontics by clear aligner, and got your new aligner after treatment. 
  • You replaced an clear aligner after having food or after cleaning your teeth before sleeping or get up in the morning.
  • You feel uncomfortable with your aligner and need to replace it properly.

In order to get your aligner chewies exercises to be effective, you need to use it properly. To do this:

  1. Use fingers to place your clear aligner in your mouth at right position as your orthodontic doctor instructed, in order to get your aligner to fit  Aim to get it to fit as firmly as possible.
  2. Clean your chewies, then hold one end of the chewies, place another end of chewies between the teeth. 
  3. Biting on the aligner chewies just like your bite food normally, repeatedly biting for around 1 min, don’t bite too much hard and too much long time.  
  4. Move your chewies to different side of your mouth then repeat biting as step 3. To make sure that all teeth bite the chewies at equally and properly, you should start to bite one side of your teeth then and gradually move to the other sides.
  5. Try to use a chewie for about 3 ~5 minutes each time and muti-times 3 times more per day. Your orthodontic doctor may also give you specific instruction to tell how to use and how long to use chewies each time each day.

If it’s visible to see “a air gap between the your teeth and clear aligner” or feel there’s a specific area that clear alginer doesn’t fit with your teeth well, you can use chewies to bite at the location for 1 min until it fits well.

Where to purchase aligner invisalign chewies in bulk

You can reach TOD SILICONE whom is top quality aligner chewies wholesale supplier in China offer bulk and competitive cheap prices for global Orthodontics Doctors and distributor in AU/USA/UAW/EU markets.

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  • [Better Fit]: The clear aligner chewies tray helps with the seating of aligners correctly. Aligner chewies mint flavored can make an easy adjustment to aligner trays, when you wearing clear aligner trays. Chewys for retainers make the trays fit the teeth better.
  • [Humanized Design]: With Scientific and Suitable design, dental aligner seater chompers are non-slip that there are lines on the surface, so you can chew the green chewies for aligners in any part without worrying about them popping out. Non-slip orthodontic chewies can help you seat your aligner easily.
  • [Great Effect]: Chewies aligner tray seaters can easily install and protect your invisible correction braces. You don’t have to worry about stealth braces getting worn during installation. Invisible aligner green chewies can help you exercise the masseter muscle and effectively prevent facial deformities caused by wearing braces.
  • [Safe Material]: The mints for invisible aligners is made of food grade and quality silicon. Lasting Mint Flavor, chewies aligner tray seaters does not have any uncomfortable taste of plastic. Clear aligners the new orthodontic frontier are very environmental and durable.
  • [Excellent Combination]: Orthodontics is a long-term process. Don’t let your clear aligners get in the way of your daily life and work. With our Aligner Chewies and Aligner Removal Tool, you can clean your mouth at any time. Clear aligner case can store aligner remover tool, clear aligners the new orthodontic frontier chewies and invisible corrective brackets, which is easy to carry. You don’t have to worry about damaging or losing the clear aligner remover accessories.

How much cost to buy aligner invisalign chewies in bulk?

MOQ: 100 bags to start

100 bags: 1.0USD

1000 bags: 0.5USD

10000 bags: 0.30USD

30000 bags: 0.20USD

Custom packaging is available


FAQ: Aligner Invisalign Chewies

Whatever you do, there’s always have gap between Invisalign aligners and your teeth, that needs chewies to help you to eliminate the gap to speed the orthodontic treatment process, so the chewies really help Invisalign to save timing and money.

The aligner chewie should be used every time you wear the invisalign properly, and bit it every teeth evenly for at least 3~5 mins each time according to dental doctors’ advice. The chewies is soft silicone material that don’t worry it will hurt your teeth, you can place it into invisalign case to keep it hygiene and use anywhere.

Usually, the invisalign chewies can last 1~2 weeks and need to change a new chewies if you bite it for 3~5 mins every time you wear invisalign aligner, then chewies will broken or lost its elasticity, because it is made by soft silicone material not metal material;  you can not use a broken chewies that can not help your orthodontic treatment process, so prepare 2 chewies in your invisalign case that is necessary.