LSR Injection Silicone Rubber Molding

TOD Silicone offer precision liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection molding for your baby and medical products from concept design, tooling development, mass production to final shipment.

Why Choose Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)

When your product team want to develop a product which needs with High Transparent, High Temperature Resistant, High Elastic, High Soft, 100% Food Grade, 100% medical grade……, choosing the LSR material is one of the best option to manufacture your high quality requirement parts and components. As a result, your products and brand will be the top level in the market and bring a lots benefits for your loyalty consumers. Keep reading to learn more, or contact TOD SILICONE directly for more information.

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What is LSR use for


Liquid silicone rubber is a thermoset elastomer that has been used for applications including pressure sensors, switch membranes, and even water repellent fabrics. As a result of the material’s high-performance characteristics and relative stability in atmospheric environments, LSR finds use in medical devices such as blood pressure cuffs, bladder catheters, and hydrocephalus shunts.

Many companies are starting to see the benefits of using liquid silicone rubber. They use it for its high performance features that can be shaped into different forms.

In general, the mechanical properties of liquid silicone rubber are very similar to those of other rubbers. One example is that it has high tensile strength and low elongation at break. Additionally, the viscosity and hardness of liquid silicone rubber can vary greatly solely based on its applications.

What is LSR used for?

Liquid silicone rubber for applications ranges from medical, mold making, and aerospace industries to consumer goods. LSR find its use in many different applications as it is an eco-friendly, biodegradable and has high temperature resistance properties.

When people wondering what is LSR used for? The most common application for liquid silicone rubber is the baby teether and nipple parts. LSR parts are used in a range of different industries. Their high transparent & softness & high temperature resistance plus toxic free feature make them an excellent choice for Baby-care and Medical products such as breast pump, nose vent etc. 

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LSR Injection Molding Processes

1. Raw Material

Choose the right hardness and type of the liquid rubber silicone (LSR) based on your product needs, there are 2 main type of LSR, food grade and medical grade for different used products.

2. Injection Machinery

We have two types of LSR injection molding machinery for different designs of silicone rubber products, Vertical and Horizontal, both can mold silicone rubber products but with different advantages.

3. Injection Molding

After check injection machinery is in good condition, our production technical staff will prepare material into the machine, adjust right parameters against SOP, and start mass production after QC approve the first sample.

4. Curing Process

Curing process is a key station, all LSR products needs baking at our oven machine under 200℃/4 Hours, and pass VOC test to make sure consumers will be satisfy our LSR products.

Step 5. Flash Removing and Packaging

The flash needs to be removed by hand working and conduct inspection 100%, then pack into box for our customers.

How do you Inject Liquid Silicone Rubber?

LSR products injection molding

Questions And Answers

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MOQ:3000pcs each color each design products

Sample payment: 100%

Tooling payment:50% deposit, 50% balance after sample approval

Product order payment: T/T 30% deposit, 70% after pre-shipment inspection

It’s no problem to arrange third party inspection before shipment, please book the inspection date 7 days in advance

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100% food grade, BPA Free, FDA/LFGB comply

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Sample lead time: 7days

Tooling lead time: 30~45days

Production lead time: 30days

Usually we book the shipment with your appointed forwarder, or can ship to your warehouse with our shipment company