Silicone Turner

Table of Contents

What is silicone turner?

A silicone turner is a kitchen utensil that has a flat shape which is used to flip food items such as pancakes, eggs, and hamburgers, the flat shape can help you to stir and scrape the bottoms of pans so you can get every last bit of flavor into your food while cooking. It has a long stainless steel handle that can be gripped by the cook’s hand and a flexible silicone head. The silicone head of the turner will be able to easily get under the food item without breaking it or spilling it, and it can also withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit which makes it safe and useful for cooking on grills or in ovens.

1. Raw Materials

Head and Turner: silicone rubber (high temperature resistant, food contact safe)

Handle: stainless steel 18-8 (food contact safe, corrosion resistant)

2. Advantage and disadvantage

Advantages: durable, high temperature resistant, easy to clean, easy to grip

Disadvantages: high price due to high cost of raw material and manufacturing

Is silicone Turner safe?

Silicone turners are made from silicone, which is a material that is flexible and nonstick.The FDA says that silicone-coated utensils are safe for food preparation as long as they are not scratched or damaged, because silicone is very safe to use in any type of food that does not react with food or beverages or produce any hazardous fumes. Unlike some metals which may corrode when exposed to certain acids in food or some plastic may react with hot food to produce hazardous fumes.

Q: does silicone release toxins when heated?

A: the answer is no, silicone won’t release toxins when heated or cold, and won’t have react with any kind of food.

Are silicone spatulas heat resistant? Do silicone spatulas melt?

Silicone spatulas are made of a silicone rubber material that is heat resistant up to 260°C. So, this makes it possible for these spatulas to be used in cooking without melting, but when the heat temperature is higher than 260°C then it will melt.