What does a Hydro Flask boot do?

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Hydro Flask water bottles dent easily when dropping on the hard floor accidentally, the dents usually occur on the bottle bottom, but if apply strong force on the bottle that would also cause dents. So how to avoid dents happen and what hydro flask boot can help on it?

Hydro Flask Boot

  • hydro flask boot with buil-in vent hole allows air pressure release that easy to install on the bottle
  • Hydroflask boot anti skid base won’t scratch surface of the bottle
  • Hydroflask boots flexible & stretchable design securely holds bottles
  • hydro flask boots made by thick silicone that adds durability to your bottle by helping protect its base to prevent dents and damage by accidentally dropping on hard floor.

What Does A Hydro Flask Boot Do?

Where to buy hydroflask boot

Tod Silicone offer verity of colors, designs hydro flask boots and sleeves with cheap bulk wholesale prices for global customers, custom color, custom logo, custom printing, custom packaging is welcome with small low minimum order quantity to start.

Water Bottle Bottom Guard


  • Upgrade the look of your trusted water bottle
  • Flexible and stretchable
  • BPA Free
  • 100% silicone
  • Protects your water bottle from dents, damage, and obnoxious clunking noise


No More Clunk Or Dings


  • Wide and deep design
  • Fits 32oz and 40oz water bottles
  • Thick silicone
  • Reduce the chances of the bottle from sliding or tipping over


Get That New Look


  • Vibrant and cool tone color that will not fade for years to come
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for travel and outdoor activities.


2 in 1 Function


  • Air outlet vent hole
  • Can also be used as a pet drinking bowl
  • Hand wash only
  • Can also be used in a sports bottle, hot coffee mug & mason jar
  • Does not include replacement lids, ball, opener & cleaner brush