What is injection molding process?

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Type of materials for injection molding

There are two main types of raw materials for injection molding to custom parts:silicone rubber & plastic.

1. plastic materials

We have list the most common plastic material for injection molding as follow:

  1. ABS
  2. PP
  3. NYLON
  4. PC
  5. PMMA
  6. TPE/TPR

2. silicone rubber material

There are two main types of silicone rubber: solid silicone rubber and liquid silicone rubber (LSR), and only LSR is suitable for injection molding, the solid silicone rubber is for heat-pressing molding. 

What is injection molding process?

What is injection molding process?

Injection molding process is a manufacturing technique to create an injection molding tooling firstly, then injecting plastic or liquid silicone rubber material into the mold cavities with “high temperature, high pressure”, then cooling and cure within the mold to create the final 3D model parts. The injection molding process is suitable for any simple or complex parts with high volume mass production, it could provide fast production and low product unit cost for all manufacturing industrial. 

What are the 5 basic steps to injection moulding?

Injection molding is not a new technique, and it doesn’t have much change, we can simply find out there are 4 basic steps for injection moulding process are: 

  • 1. Raw material feeding
  • 2. Injection into mold
  • 3. Molding the parts
  • 4. Cooling to curing the parts
  • 5. Ejection the final parts from mold