What is snore vent, Do nose vents work for snoring?

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

what is nose vent, do nose vent works for snore

What is nose vent?

There is different types of material made nose vent, generally made from soft silicone material and PE plastic material, the nose vent has two vents which can insert to your nose to help your Breathe better and easier overnight by expand the breathing channel of your noses.

Does nose vents work for snoring?

Does nose vents work for snoring?

Insert nose vent into your nostrils, that would expand the breathe channel of your nostrils to increase airflow, make it easier to breathe and eliminating the snoring sound.

If the nasal passages are abstracted, our body mechanism forces us to breathe through our mouth, which would causes the tongue to fall back in throat and blocking the airway and produces snoring sound.

With nose vent, it expands your nostril for maximum airflow which provides smooth nose breathing during your sleeping overnight and eliminating the source of snoring sound, therefore, nose vent does work for snoring to help people to breathe easier and sleep well.

Do nose vents help with sleep apnea?

Nose vents help you to eliminating snoring by expand airflow of nostrils breathe, which also help with sleep apnea, but only recommend to use it as auxiliary equipment when your sleep apnea is heavy, you should consulted with doctors firstly.

Does nose vents work for snore

Are nose vents safe?

Nose vents which made by medical grade “silicone” raw material is completely safe to use, the material is FDA comply, no odor,no smell, no irritation, no allergy, it helps your breathe and eliminating snoring sound overnight by physically expand airflow of your nostrils, no need medicine,no hurt and no sequela, you can be worry free to try it for better sleeping with less snoring.

How do you use anti-snoring nose vents?

Here can tell when you will use anti snoring nose vents: 

  • you are starting to have snoring problem that bothering your family or roommate . 
  • You feel too much thirsty in the morning even you drink enough water before sleeping, that could be caused by snoring overnight.
  • You feel uncomfortable during sleeping and hard to breathe.

In order to get your anti snoring nose vent to be effective, you need to use it properly. To do this:

1. use boiling water to sterilize nose vent before you use it to make sure it is hygienic.

2. choose right size nose vent which can feel it expand your nostrils to have better airflow and easier breathe, but do not have too much pain.

3. wear the nose vent during the whole night when you sleeping, no need to take it off.

4. have app to monitor your sleeping quality and snoring times and sounds.

5. if the nose vent fall out from your nostrils, don’t be worry or frustrated, it is very common and not a good solution to fix it so far, you should try to wear it for at least 2 weeks more to check if snoring is improved by wearing nose vent.

If it make you feel uncomfortable then you should try a smaller size nose vent, and you must keep it hygienic before and after using, don’t use a nose vent which smell bad that might be made by poor quality material which would is not healthy and not safe to use.

Where to buy anti snoring nose vent in bulk?

You can reach TOD SILICONE whom is top quality anti snoring nose vent nose clip wholesale supplier in China offer bulk and competitive cheap prices for global Doctors and distributor in AU/USA/UAW/EU markets.

Where to buy anti snoring nose vent in bulk?
Where to buy anti snoring nose vents

Custom packaging is welcome

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